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    Vinnie Vagabond - BoomBap [Official Audio]

    WhyYouWannaBeLikeThat? - (Official Video) 

    Seaside Chips - (Official Video)

    Seaside Chips (Beatbox Remix)

    Freedom Is A Word - (Remix) [Official Audio]

    Freedom Is A Word - (Official Video)

    BOOOM! - REMIX (Official Video)

    Vinnie Vagabond - The Music (Animated Lyric Video)

    BOOOM! - (Official Video)

    Remain Calm - (Official Audio)

    UpAndDown - (Official Audio)

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    I started out as a Street/Graffiti Artist then i got into Song Recording and Music Production, 
    I was part of the U.K Hip Hop group Unherd Science we had a small Cult following in Norwich
    and other parts of the U.K during the late 90's.

    We recorded a few Albums and E.P's in my Home Studio but never released any material officially. 
    I still continue to work on Music projects under my Stage Name Vinnie Vagabond.

    I have also been making a name for myself as a Visual Artist, Photographer and Designer,
    see link above to my Art & Photography Portfolio Site.

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    For enquiries Email me at: vagabondvince@yahoo.co.uk
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