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    Solo Artist and Music Producer From Norwich, U.K.
    A former member of Underground U.K Rap group: Unherd Science.
    Vinnie Vagabond is the Music alter ego of Multimedia Artist and Photographer:
    Vincent J. Newman.

    Unherd Science had a small Cult following in Norwich
    and other parts of the U.K during the late 90's and early 2000's.

    We recorded a few Albums and E.P's in my Home Studio but never released any material officially.
    I still work on music projects with former group members: Classic Gareth and Paranoid Parker.
    We made a reunion track in 2016 called Terry Wogan Style.

    Currently working on new solo Music Projects, Music Production Projects and Collaborations with other Artists.

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    For enquiries Email me at: vagabondvince@yahoo.co.uk
    Or use form below: